Method of playing video

Dear Sir,

IT’s SINOTECH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS, LTD., the civil engineering company in Taiwan.
We have just bought Prezi teams few months ago.

Recently, we meets the problem about the method how video play.
In powerpoint, the video could be set to play automatically without pressing any button when presentation.
But, in prezi, we have not found the similar setting.

Could you please help us to solve this problem?

Thank you very much.

Hello, @Chen_wei_Hung1. Please know that in a Prezi Next presentation if you add a video, it will be played automatically in the course of the presentation as you click through it. Is there a specific presentation that you are experiencing the issue with? We’d be happy to take a look.

Dear Lana, thanks for your fast replying. Actually, in Prezi Next, the video could be played as we click through it, and then the scene would zoom in and the video would be played in full screen. But, we would like to play the video just when we press the next page, and the video will be played automatically without press another button.
In MS PowerPoint, the video could be played by this method as I discussed above. Does Prezi Next include this function?

The function of video play method in MS PowerPoint explain as the following picture A.

Hello, I am very sorry for the late response.

I’m afraid in Prezi Next the only way to play the video is either to advance in the presentation with the arrow and when it comes to the video, zoom to it and play it, or zoom to the video at any point when you are in the given topic to play it.

I apologise for the inconvenience, we will forward your request to our development team and hopefully it will be possible to play the videos without zooming to them in the future.