Middle eastern text (RTL) support



hi , there is no way to write any text in Hebrew , Arabic or Persian, none of the fonts are supporting RTL languages.

please help me

Writing in other languages Other than English
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Hello Aldin,

currently, it’s not possible to use fonts in RTL writing systems. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and pass this request on to our responsible team.


Thanks , looking forward to use it soon


Prezi Classic didn’t support Arabic fonts and I used to use images of my Arabic text.
Is there anything I could do in order to use Arabic fonts for Prezi Next?


Hi Ghinwa_Zeenni

This has been answered in another thread;

Hope this answers you woes!



how to add Arabic letters?


@ahmed_elbanna I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, please see my answer above.


Hello Vanda,

I was one step to purchase subscription but when i found that your product not support Arabic i came here to find solution but seems your company not interest to support this language. I need to know how i delete my account completely and stop any email from your website to our company. Thanks


We’d be very sad to see you go, @Barakah_Al_Rashedi, we try our best to develop our product and make it accessible and usable to all our users. But if you still wish to delete your account, you can do so by going to your Profile page and click on Delete account.


Good morning …i woudlik to know how to writ arabic in prezi thank’s


Me too, I need to change my fonts to Futura , but I cant find them .

I think it would be better to see a numbering for the text size, which I cant find it in Prezi.


I would love to have Hebrew support too - when I used the classic prezi, I was able to choose hebrew fonts via css. Moving back to the days I needed to make an image of every title and paragraph is pretty unnoying…


Does Prezi support writing content in other languages other than English? Hebrew for instance?


Hebrew isn’t supported at this time, I’m afraid. I’ve moved your question to a topic discussing this request. We’ll update it with any news.


I am happy to join with you
But I have a problem
I can not write, in Arabic
My version Prezi Next ,
I am not Prezi classic.
Or cancel my subscription
Help me
thank you


Arrabic is not supported at this time, I’m afraid. We’ll update this thread with any news.


I am not sure if you can answer this or not, but I am just curious, is it difficult to support multiple languages? Just in general, is there a lot of work or is it simple but purposefully exclusive?


@Maya_Hamka we’d like to emphasize that it’s not our intention to exclude any of our users. Our goal is, of course, to enable everyone to use Prezi. Today we’re available in 9 languages and hopefully, we can expand that in the future. We’ve heard the request and made sure it gets the attention of the responsible development team.


hello, I find one way to type Arabic or Persian;I try it and work good. that is:

  1. press ctle+shift+alt+C
  2. in new window change the font everywhere:
    src: url(‘NotoSans-Regular.keg’); to src: url(‘Arial.keg’);
    (this is default font that change to Arial one Arabic font…should change about 4 line in command)
  3. use this link: http://p30download.com/tools/writer/
  4. type the text in Arabic or persian above box and press green button (پردازش)
  5. then copy the converted text to Prezi text box.
    enjoy typing in this way.



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