Middle eastern text (RTL) support

How to add arabic language ?

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Hello Prezi community members,
I’ve just started working with Perzi and I’m trying to write in Hebrew.
But on the slide, it shows signs and not letters Is there a solution to that?

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Hi Sam
When I write in Hebrew the letters of the word are written in reverse order from the beginning to the beginning.

Do you have a solution for this?



Hey @Lior_Modlin I’m afraid you’d need to manually format the text through paragraphs as Prezi is optimized for left-aligned languages primarily at the moment. Does this screencast help?
Alternatively you could try mirroring your text first with something like this.

Let us know :slight_smile:

Dear Prezi enthusiasts,

I would like to know whether the Arabic language will be in implemented in Prezi products. For the time being, upon writing in Arabic the letters aren’t displayed properly. Instead, empty boxes appear.

I hope you can raise this incident to the Prezi technical team as I use the language extensively while composing presentations.

Thanks ahead,

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Unbelievable, requests for Arabic and Hebrew support go back as far as 2012, it’s 2020 and still nothing for any RTL language… shame

I greet you for this integrated and distinguished work Prezi
I hope and ask you, gentlemen, to include the Arabic language in the Prairie language
A lot of people here are eager to work and produce on your honorable site
the professor. Mohammed Mubarak Al-Zahrani

Hello @111356, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Thank you so much for your feedback!

We currently have a few fonts that are available with Arabic language, you can check them here, but you will need to reverse the text, as shown in this workaround.

Whenever we have any news about the integration of Arabic language in Prezi, we’ll share it in this thread :slight_smile:

I have been waiting since 2013, want to be a paid subscriber, want to work with Prezi. There seem to be motives here that are not related to technology. Otherwise it is impossible to understand how for almost 10 years no one has taken such a basic update of RTL support and work in Hebrew and Arabic seriously.
It smells bad.

Disappointed potential customer

Hello @gal_orbach, since the implementation of Google Fonts in Prezi, there are more available fonts to use with Hebrew and Arabic, as you can see here.

Unfortunately, RTL support is still not available as this requires major changes in our engine, but we keep channeling all your feedback to the Product team. Hopefully soon we’ll have news about this, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

Hi, the link isn’t working. Please could you direct me to the right way to reverse text?

The issue is my vowels are getting shifted one space to the left. For example “يا أَبي, لِمَاذَا تَعْبُدُ هذِهِ الأَصْنَامَ ؟” causes the text to be converted LTR however, the vowels are getting shifted one space to the left image