Mind Mapping like in FreeMind would be great.

As described in http://community.prezi.com/prezi/topi… I’m using FreeMind (http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/…), because the operation is very intuitive.

One needs to concentrate to one’s thoughts when creating a MindMap. So, operation needs to be intuitive. No lines to draw. They need to be drawn automaticly! Thought’s need to be inserted one after each other, separated by ENTER key. Sub-Nodes (one hirarchy down) need to be inserted by ONE key, e.g. INSERT button.
Thoughts need to be arranged and connected by lines automaticly.

That would be implementation of a Mind-Map Tool. And that would realy empower prezi as creative writing and presenting tool!

Either importing mindmaps from Freemind, or integrating the whole freemind tool into prezi would help. Second choise prefered!
(FreeMind is OpenSource, so implementation into prezi should work easily.)

Great thanks,

Hi there,

I agree this would be very useful. I will forward it to our developers.

As a temporary workaround, why not take a screenshot of your FreeMind and paste it into Prezi, then set up frames wherever you want to navigate, and add path points to those frames or just click around where you have added frames to zoom in and out. To add them quickly, copy the correct frame size and paste it around your presentation.


For another look at how to Prezi - take a look at: http://www.theprezenter.com/
Russell has a philosophy that hits on the same ideas - give him a look

Finally gave Prezi a real try. The lack of mind map (or flowchart, for that matter) not only surprised but also upset me. Guess I can use “tree” now or hack my own this once, but I’m not continuing my paid subscription.