Mirrored camera

Hello everyone, this feature is now also available in the Windows app for Prezi Video :slight_smile:

Please explain how to use it in videos, I am a teacher and I am desperate, I love prezi and I believe it is the best format for teaching, however, I am not sure how to view the video so I can check the mirror image or how to record it? thank you for your patience

Hello @diane_bryant, this feature is only available with the Prezi Video desktop application for now. Are you using a Windows or Mac computer? :slight_smile:

Wow, thank you ever so much for your reply. I am loosing it here. I love the prezi, much better than zoom and trying to encourage my coworkers. I am currently on a computer PC hp, with windows…?? We are being required to create lessons on line and use google classroom and playlists thru Modern teacher, I am an idiot with technology, and presenting to elementary students drawings, charts, etc online is essential. I can do words and write them backwards, but posters, charts, etc is a problem. AGAIN, thank you, thank you, anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.