Missing templates and no text on content only mode

In the latest version of Prezi Video (Desktop), you have made it worse. Now you cannot have a visual and text simultaneously!!!
You are getting worse…
How do I go back to the previous version?
And now there are few options of Templates…
You are going backward


Hi @Gerardo_Fernandez, could you please elaborate on what is the issue exactly?

There should be no change in having visuals and text at the same time on Prezi Video. Could you please send me a screenshot of the problem?

Please also let me know which old template you are looking for.

Hi Bart!
In the current version, when I don’t want my face to be seen when I speak, but only the “visual” with the text; when I change the mode, the screen goes directly to the visual, and I can’t find a way to show the text and the visual together, without showing my face.

In the templates that are available now, there are only a few color templates, but not all the previous templates are available, which were much more “fun” and varied.

Hi @Gerardo_Fernandez, thanks for the detailed feedback on this!

Please note that we are always working towards improving our product experience, but if you would still want to access templates from the previous generation you can find details on how in this article.

I will forward your feedback to our product team about our templates and the text+image view mode as well. In the meantime, you can use Prezi Present to create your template and import it to Prezi Video.

Hi @Gerardo_Fernandez,

I have checked the previous versions and the screen goes directly to the visuals there as well. Could you please let me know how would you reach the text + visual so I can reproduce it?