Mistake between miniature and prezi


While it was editing my last prezi always it was offline and I trusted in that one was guarding me locally and then when it was returning to have connection that was raised only. The problem is that when I see the prezi in my dashboard, the miniature corresponds to the finished prezi, but when I enter to the presentation or to the edition, the complete prezi is not. I need urgent help!!!


As for being offline, please check this forum topic with our suggestions:

Please also share the link to your presentation so that I can check.


I checked the topic when it happened to me and everything what it puts was nice. Adblock was not because I did it in Safari and it was a private ip by what the use was not limited of javascript. This one is the link, since you can see the miniature is different from the prezi that goes out ultimately. https://prezi.com/view/4EZ9eAl6RkUYYrYIgBGd/
Thank you.


Thank you for the link. Could you please also send a screenshot of the differences you see between the editor and the thumbnail?