Mixing order of Transitions and Animations


Is it possible to mix the transitions of planets with animations on the main topic?
For example, on my side bar right now it has:
*Transition from Overview
*Animation 1
*Animation 2
*Animation 3
*Transition to Subtopic 1

Is there a way to get Subtopic 1 after Animation 1? I don’t want to make all my elements visible first; I want to mix them up with subtopics, but they logically fit in the topic, not the subtopic.


Could you please send us a link to the presentation in question?


Well, on Saturday the Animations sidebar had “Transition to Subtopic 1” as well. Not sure what I was doing differently. Regardless, the transitions are fixed in their location and cannot be mixed in with the Animation steps. I’ll try to recreate it on the other computer I was using.




As you can see in the GIF below, you can choose when your animations appear. That way you can control when the subtopic and faded-in elements appear. I hope it helps!


But this option is only available in Overview page,


Inside topics, the order of animations can also be arranged: