Mixing order of Transitions and Animations

Well, on Saturday the Animations sidebar had “Transition to Subtopic 1” as well. Not sure what I was doing differently. Regardless, the transitions are fixed in their location and cannot be mixed in with the Animation steps. I’ll try to recreate it on the other computer I was using.


As you can see in the GIF below, you can choose when your animations appear. That way you can control when the subtopic and faded-in elements appear. I hope it helps!

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But this option is only available in Overview page,

Inside topics, the order of animations can also be arranged:
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Is there anyway to zoom out to the topic overview, in between subtopics? For example:


  • Topic Overview
    • Subtopic Planet 1
    • Subtopic Planet 2
  • Topic Overview
    • Subtopic B page 1
    • etc…
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@Martin_Schiltz1 No, but here’s a thread with a few ideas: Topic to Subtopic to Topic to Subtopic


I’d like to have my first story block fade in, then zoom into it, zoom out and then have the second one fade in and so on. I am able to have all the story blocks show up in the order I want them to, but only after they have all appeared, can I start getting into each of them. Is it possible to step the zooming in too? If yes how?

Hi @Katya_Veleva, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Please see my colleague’s answer above. :slight_smile:

This was helpful, but not entirely full resolution - i figured it out though - it’s important to add a zoom to area, that is really a zoom out, to go back to the initial slide, because if you just set the animations after the subtopic, you can end up having them happen, when the screen is focused elsewhere - it would be super helpful if you add it to the gif.

Hi @Katya_Veleva, the functionality of the animations are sectioned by the topics and subtopics in a presentation. If you zoom into an area but you want to return to the starting point of that animation you have to ad a zoom out animation.

What these gifs are explaining is how you reorder or segment these animations which seems to be the topic of your initial question.

You can find further information about animations here.


I’m creating a prezi where after every topic, the view goes back to the general overview. But when in the topic, new subtopics are created (which weren’t there before). What I am trying to achieve is that when a topic (and its subsequent subtopics) are covered, the prezi goes back to the general overview, where the past topics and subtopics remain visible (an indicator that they have been covered) but the next (sub)topic remain hidden until covered. Does anybody know how to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Dirk_van_den_Berg, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
What you would like to achieve is possible by sectioning Fade in animations on your topics / subtopics. Please see the answers above and let us know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

As a Prezi classic user moving to Prezi Present, it’s good to see things have greatly improved over Prezi Next, which was not suitable for my needs.

In Prezi classic, every object (images, text, groupings, videos etc.) was automatically a zoom area, in that you could click it to add it to the path in path editing mode, or drag the path onto it, or simply add it at the end by making it. This was the normal way to build your path. So I started a Prezi Present and loaded it with images. But now it seems I have to manually position a zoom area on every one of them to put them in the presentation? Is there a way to just click on an object and say “Make a zoom area for this?”

In addition, can you then temporarily remove the area? I am constantly modifying presentations, altering what elements come and go, and in the old path editor, you just removed them from the path and it was easy to add them back later. Is there a functionality for this? Note that I don’t want to make each image into a topic if I can avoid it, that seems to present things in a way I don’t want, though perhaps I can get used to it.

Hi @Brad_Templeton, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Currently, you should be able to right-click on the added item (Text, image, grouping, etc.) and select Add Animation - Zoom to.

This should add a Zoom to effect to the selected object or group of objects which is then added as a step on your path which you can move around in the timeline on the left. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Yes, that’s useful and you definitely want to put that into the articles on moving to Prezi present from Prezi classic. You might even want to make it possible to do it with one click the way you could in “path editing” mode in Prezi Classic, that’s how important this is.

I really hope as well that some day you will support my longest wishlist feature, which is having more than one path on a single prezi, and the ability to switch among the various paths. When I make a presentation I will give it several times, but it’s always a different version, where I add and remove things. Today I have to make yet another copy of the prezi for each variation and it’s work to backport new things into the main presentation. Being able to have multiple paths and select which one is current or which one to present would be HUGELY useful.

Still finding topics and subtopics a pain to use. You have to create graphics twice for each topic, once for how it is shown to the outside and once for when it is zoomed in. While I understand the value in making those two different, it would be nice if by default when you filled in one it copied it to the other, then let me replace it if I want to.

Hi @Brad_Templeton, thanks for the feedback, I’ll forward it to our product team.

If you add graphics or elements to the topic cover, you can choose to show them inside and outside as well so they are visible when you zoom into the topic.

To edit the topic cover, you need to right-click on the topic and select Advanced Topic Editing.

Hope this helps!

That’s helpful, though it would be very nice if it automatically, or had an option to crop the image to the topic shape. Not only does one not have to do the editing to change an image to be circular or hexagonal and fit it precisely to the shape, it is nice if it crops to the shape so that if you change the shape it all just works most of the time.

Of course, I liked the vision of the original Prezi of a canvas you zoom into. So while it can be useful to not show the subtopics at the upper level and to have different graphics or words at the higher level than when you zoom in, this should be an option, rather than the default.

If you think about it, it should be obvious. If I create a topic cover then just automatically make it be copied to the topic inside if there is nothing already there. Then I can go and replace just the inside if I wish, or leave it as is if I don’t wish. No extra work for those who want the new way, and much less work for those who want it the old way.

My ideal would be I create a topic or a subtopic and I fill in words or graphics and zooming in is just a zoom in, but it reveals the subtopics. If I don’t want that, I can add more – as I have to do today anyway.

Hi @Brad_Templeton, thanks for the detailed feedback, I’ll forward it to our product team.

You can choose to have the old way by not using topics and subtopics, rather using only zoom areas and fade-in animations. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to figure out how to edit the animation order on Prezi?
We used a pre-made Prezi with a specific order of animations but we’re trying to edit the orde so it wont switch back to a prezi slide we already have covered, but moved forward to the next one. Couldn’t find anything online as the only suggestion was to premium app users.
I’m using the free web Prezi.


Hi @Morten_Yde, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above?