Mobile device browser: presentation no longer interactive

Hi, we have designed a map that is interactive. You click on a country and you get some information about. It works well for desktop. You can go anywhere by clicking on a country and you get taken to an info page about that country. (" A Non-linear presentation")

However, when you use a mobile device the presentation is no longer “non-linear”. You have to click on the arrows and go through every country by country. (“linear presentation”). You no longer have the option to click on a country and get to the related information page.

Any ideas how to address this?

Hi @Henrik_Ottosson, would it be okay for you to share a link to the presentation so I could check on it? The non-linear presentation should be available for mobile devices as well, could you tell me what is happening when you tap or click on objects the same way you do on the desktop?

Are you accessing the presentation from the Prezi Viewer mobile application or from a mobile browser?

Hi, it is the mobile browser that does not work. Apparently it is not supported. Only desktop.

Hi @Henrik_Ottosson, yes, indeed the mobile browsers are not supported by Prezi. I would advise you to install the Prezi Viewer application that should be available in the Appstore or on the Google Play store for your device.

Hi everyone,
As I share my presentation link with my colleagues, when they use it in a browser online on a mobile, they are not able to skip and jump around the presentation as I can on prezi?

Is this a setting or is this fixed in that they will not be able to jump around the presentation unless they download prezi app on their mobile?

Is there a way around this?


Hello @Living_Wholeness, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above?