Mobile device recording

Are there any plans to support a portrait / vertical aspect ratio for Prezi Video, tailored for users on mobile phones?

Hello @tomos, we’re currently developing mobile support for Prezi Video, so that feature will be available soon :slight_smile:

We’ll update this thread once we have more news!

Thanks for the prompt reply! Useful info.


Hi, I am very new to Prezi. I’m hoping to use it for an upcoming virtual conference presentation and integrate video with slides. I was going to record the video on my new iPhone because it has good recording quality, but it seems that prezi is only available on my laptop, which is old and not good quality. Is it possible to use my iPhone for this? Would it work to open prezi in a browser on my iPhone to record and then edit it from my laptop? Thanks so much!

Hello @Avery_Maltz, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Currently it’s still not possible to do so with Prezi Video, you would need to record through your computer, but we’re currently developing the mobile applications.

As soon as we have any developments on this, we’ll share it in this thread!

Hello community, thanks for your feedback and the feature request. This feature has already been in discussion with the product team and has been added to the backlog for future development.

However, please be aware that whilst we wish we could do it all since 2020 and the COVID pandemic we are fully focused on making the Prezi Video experience as good as possible and have to prioritise feature development and product improvements accordingly. Therefore I don’t have an exact date of when this might be expected.

Thanks again for caring and giving us your valuable feedback.