Monthly Edu Plus subscription



Is there anyway to pay per month instead of the whole year? I have a college group assignment that we were looking to use Prezi for and I was looking at leveraging the desktop application (cannot do this without an EDU Plus account). I do not need to have a paid account for a whole year neither does the group of 4 others.


Edu Plus license is only available in a yearly subscription for the time being, I’m afraid.



is there a possibility to get a Edu Plus account for a shorter time than a full year?I just need it to make a last presentation at the end of my training




@Jens_Wiesner currently Edu Plus is only available in a yearly subscription format.


you should not be mention 7 euros a month, but 100 euros a year. It would be more honest.


@Yann_Berna, I am sorry if you found it confusing. Please know that at the check out you are given the full amount that includes the VAT as well, if it is applicable.


I was wanting to upgrade my Prezi to the next level to be able to upload a file to use in a presentation for my Capstone. I am an educator and was wondering when I go to upgrade it is $84? I know that the price is for a year; however, I will not use it for a full year. I do not want to pay for a full year when I will be using it for only 1 month. If I do upgrade, will I only be charged $7 for being an educator? I find it difficult to commit to a full year.


The discounted EDU Plus subscription is only available in a yearly package for the time being, I’m afraid.


if i pass from my account “edu standart” to “edu plus” do i have to pay for the whole year or only for few months?


@Lorenzo_Mariani, please know that Edu Plus is a yearly subscription with an annual payment.


I tried to upgrade to the “edu plus”, which costs 7€ every month. but when I enter to the payment info, it says that the payment is annual!. how can I do to change it to monthly payment?


@ARIA_JURADO_PARDOS, I have merged your question to the relevant thread. 7€/month is just a break-down of the annual fee of 84€. I hope it helps!


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