Monthly option?


Is there no way to pay month to month? Do you have to sign up for a full year?

1 month subscription only

While we might not offer monthly subscriptions right now, we constantly experiment with different pricing options. You can see all the available pricing options in your region when you open our pricing page.


I currently just signed up. But I only need it for a month. Is there a way Prezi will charge me for a month rather than a year?


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Doesnt Prezi allow you to subscribe on a monthly basis instead? Do you have to subscribe for the yearly license after the trial period?


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Hi, the pricing page is unclear about the contract you are entering. You pay on a yearly base but can cancel anytime. If I enter a contract now, can I cancel in a month time? Yes or no? (I’m in the Netherlands) thanks


Hello Dominique, canceling the subscription stops yearly recurring payments. During the year you can cancel the subscription anytime to prevent further charges. If you do this, you can still use your license until the expiration date, and it will not automatically renew. I hope this helps.


Hi Sara,
So the answer is ‘no, it is only possible to have a yearly subscription’?


@Dominique, yes, we currently only offer yearly subscriptions.


Hi Sarah,

One more question… If I start with a personal account can I upgrade anytime to a plus account? Or do I have to wait a year?

Many thanks,



Hi @Dominique, you can upgrade your license at any time in your account settings. Please consult this tutorial.