More animation options



The lack of animation types, and ways to customize these animations really limits creativity in Prezi Next.


Could you please elaborate a little on what kind of animations you’re missing from Prezi Next?


Directional path animations would be useful. For instance, when I want to show how a system changes over time, I currently have to create multiple slides with different configurations. It would be much easier to move the components around on a single slide.

Animation options could include things like speed, and the option to add a component to a already created animation. Currently, if I miss a component from a group, I have to delete the animation and select all the components again. This could also be improved by having the option of creating groups of components, but this should be a separate suggestion.


Also the ability to build a sequence the can play multiple steps without having to click to start the next animation. i.e. one item fades out while another fades in simultaneously.

Ditto directional path animations - would add a lot.

Finally, for ex. on a subtopic page, the ability to start zoomed in without having to advance the presentation, so you can then zoom out for effect.


Thanks for the detailed description and request, @Matt_Giles, we’ve taken note!


Hello all. Is that possible to make other kind of animation in Prezi Next then zoon in and zoon out, fade in and fade out? I would like to make many other. Anyone could help me? thanks


@Marcelo_Ferreira_de I’ve merged your question to a thread discussing the same request. I’ll update this topic with news once we’ll have any!


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