More Japanese fonts



Really enjoying Prezi Next, however; I have only one thing. There is only one Japanese font. We need more to express everything in attractive, don’t we?


Thanks for the feedback, @Yoshi_Matsuo, we’ll pass this request on to our Product Managers.


Hey @Yoshi_Matsuo! Just wondering if you could provide some Japanese font styles that you think would be a good addition to Prezi Next?


Hi @Dani! Thanks for your reply. Well, I think we need both Serif (like Hiragino Mincho and MS Mincho) and Sans-serif (like Hiragino Kakugo and MS Gothic).


XANOM Mincho looks too special so I wouldn’t think that suits for business or formal situation.


Thank you for the suggestions. I will forward these font styles to our development team! :slight_smile:


There is only one Japanese font in Prezi Next. Unfortunately, it isn’t looks good for formal use. So I can’t use Prezi Next in Japanese presentation. Is there any help to add Japanese font in Prezi Next? Prezi Classic has much more fonts and they look good enough.


@Naoto_Yamaura thank you for voicing this need, we’ve taken note of this request and will update this thread with any news concerning further Japanese fonts.


why does prezi can’t recognize Japanese letter(kana and kanji) ? even though I copy it from google translate, it suddenly gone when I paste it. Any tips or tricks for typing non alphabetic letter like Japanese or other language as well? should I make it into a jpg form and inserting that as an image? Any answer will be appreciated, because I need this to make my presentation in Japanese. thank you very much.


You can insert Japanese characters, but you need to use the right font. Please use Xano as it is shown in this GIF:


Is there any progress about adding more Japanese font? I have not been able to migrate my contents from classic to next due to this problem. I believe this is a critical blocker to increase Japanese user of Prezi Next.


@Naoto_Yamaura we don’t have any news, I’m afraid, but our product team is aware of this request. We’ll make sure to bring it up again though!


Hi Everybody,
Is there any progress regarding the Japanese font issue?