More shapes please, or option to distort images

Boxes are really important in many kinds of presentation. In a zooming UI like Prezi they can be especially important as they help to group different sections together and reduce visual “clutter”. Grouping is a fundamental design principle!

But Prezi does not do well at these kinds of container - there are only 3 kinds of frames.

I know that I can create transparent gifs and upload them so they can be my visual containers, but this option is not adequate. Why? because they cannot be flexibly resized. If I create a rectangular box as a gif, it is locked in the dimensions I originally give it when I make the gif. If I decide to add more contents to my container, I need to make a new gif and upload it again. I cannot in Prezi play with the spacing of my content items and the width and height of my container to find what looks best.

So please give us more shapes or control over shapes (fill, no fill, color, line thickness, width, height). Right now I would kill for a rectangular frame that was not solid.

Alternatively, let us distort (change height not width) of images.

Yes, it would be great to be able to draw some basic shapes. A small schema is worth a lot !

Yep, I’d say that having a shapes library would basically make this tool about 10x more useful. The workflow of manually making shapes and inserting them every time, then having to refine them and do them again, represents about 50% of the time I spend in Prezi.

Just having upgraded to the desktop version, I was really hoping it’d be available as an option…

Btw, love the tool and the concept. If this was a feature of Prezi, it would be something I’d use as a standard - and I reckon it’d become very highly used throughout my company.

Insert SHAPES is released!