More Shapes

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if it would be possible to get more basic shape options to use in Prezi’s.

It would be great to have to the options of squares, circles, triangles, octagons, pentagons, etc.

These shapes could have the option of filled/outlined and could possibly have control points to adjust the shape to what we need (ex. circle to an ellipse or square to a parallelogram).

I really like Prezi and I think that this could help users make even more unique presentations. Just a thought :smiley:

Hi Phoenix,

some of that is already possible with the new line tool. The end of different lines also snap together if you drag their end control points of one onto another.

Further improvements will be announced in due time (can’t talk about details here, sorry) on the official channels:…

Insert SHAPES is released!

If you think that is easy with bend lines, it should be easy to implement. Give me a simple ellipse though it is not easy to for me.