More topic shapes


It would be great to have topic shapes other than circles and rectangles!

Feature Requests for Prezi Next - Working List

Thanks for the suggestion. We can certainly see how that could open up possibilities.


Prezi Next is a big step backwards with regards to creativity. Not all presentations styles fit the two predefined planet and ppt modes. So the moment Classic is gone - so is my subscription, as the move from open canvas with ease of expression into “do as we say”… sucks (I can’t really put it nicer).

Secondly, I know that flash is dying - but your replacements are nowhere near that smooth nor polished.


Thank you for the feedback, @Bart_S, I’ve merged your topic into a thread discussing a similar request.


Yeah… now discussion about all the functionality that is gone from Next is down to “more then circles and rectangles”.
Plus no conclusive responses from Prezi.