Moving/changing size of topic looses content on pages


I have most much of my content on inside the zoom areas; as I zoom in I can see it layered above pagers near the top of the circle but I can’t find a way to access it to move it down back into the inner page. This is tones of subtopic content which is lost in ‘outer space’. How do you get it? When I zoom out it just explodes back to the circle topic. It seems to have done this when I moved all my topics around and also changed the size of the outer circle (which should all be doable). This to me is a major show stopper against using this product.


@Macsilber Could you share the view link with us and let us know which exactly is the problematic part of the presentation? Thank you in advance.


here you go

click on block producers or premium names as two examples and watch it fly past in the top of the circle; others have same issue - wherever I entered content before I moved stuff around.


any update on this - am getting delayed in completing this - will need to switch to Keynote soon; I do like some of the features of the new Prezi so want ot keep at it


Thank you for the link.

I have created a Support copy for you where I have moved all the content inside the topics: I selected all the content with CMD+A (if you’re using Windows, it is CTRL + A) and then readjusted it back inside the white border.

Now the content is fixed but we will also look into the reasons why this could have occurred.


Many thanks - the CMD+A works perfectly - I did not know to use it! For others that get this issue - zoom into your circle and click CMD+A and it will find all the content at the level and surround it in a frame which you can then move around.


Glad I could help!


It might help you that in some cases I moved content below the white square outline so it was out of the way; and I think it then automatically moves it to the top, it does not leave it where you moved it - ie below the frame.


Thank you for the additional information, @Macsilber, we have forwarded it to the responsible team as well.