Moving the overview / moving the background photo

I have changed my background photo. However, the top of the photo is cut off. How do I either: move the overview OR move the background photo? Please help! THanks!

Hi, @Anne-Marie_Beck. Could you please send us the link to the presentation so that we could help more efficiently?

In the meantime, what we can recommend is to make sure the background image’s ration is 16:9.

Hi Lana,

I just have to say: Prezi Next is incredibly difficult to use. I loved that about Prezi Classic. It was simple and easy… This is super complicated. (For instance, just changing the color of the spheres in the photo is super complicated and there is no readily available answer on how to do that.) I think that should be some feedback for the program developers.

Here is the link to the presentation:

@Anne-Marie_Beck Thank you for your feedback.

If you are using an image that has an aspect ratio different from 16:9, you can use the Fit background to overview function to make the photo fill the entire presentation screen. I hope this helps.

Doesn’t work for me, my image is 16:9 and I even reduced it to 160x90 to test.
It still zooms right in, and misses the edging off my background which I would like to use as framing and focuses for topic areas. How can I change the zoom and position of the background, I get no options other than ‘revert to original’ and ‘fit image to overview’?

Hey @John_Watson by default the background will be zoomed in to create an immersion effect. You can circumvent this by either placing empty text boxes and pushing the canvas out, or by re-sizing the image. Useful tips are available here as well.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: