Multiple animations (eg. animation and zoom) at the same time



i previously posted on the prezi classic forum, but that was the wrong one so… yeh (first time on prezi)
Heres what was said:

Would it be possible to fade in two objects at the same time WHILE zooming into a stack or a planet?

I have a stenciled title, which is transparent text on a white background, where you can see content through the text.

When switching slides, i would like to fade out this title, fade in the contents of the overview, and blur the background, while the view is zooming in. I cant seem to find options that do this.

Here’s the apple keynote equivalent:

Image https://d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1597710/RackMultipart20170517-96894-1fwdqoc-Screen_Shot_2017-05-17_at_12753_pm_inlinepng1494991748

Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1597709/RackMultipart20170517-57059-1fo88r3-Screen_Shot_2017-05-17_at_12755_pm_inlinepng1494991731

And heres the front cover of the prezi i’m trying to animate.
Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1597711/RackMultipart20170517-118781-dzjl5h-Screen_Shot_2017-05-17_at_13000_pm_inlinepng1494991834

(insert a ‘:’ into the ‘https://’ as i’m only allowed to post two links… just… why tho…

As seen, the title is displayed, but the project contents are visible behind the title.

i’m trying to fade out the title, fade in the project contents, and blur the background all while zooming in.

*if the links dont work, see the images here:[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][page]=1#reply_18668189

yuo ~
Posted 21 hours ago

–Paul Naveau, Champion


this is a question about Prezi next, you are now in the Prezi Classic forum.

You can ask you questions about Prezi Next here:

And honestly I’m not completely sure what your question is.
When you say “while zooming into a stack or a planet” do you mean that coming from the topic cover?
(but don’t answer here, ask again on the other forum)


i meant simultaneously fading in and out elements in the duration of zooming into a topic

instead of ‘when prezi starts’ or ‘after topic 1’, i’m looking for a way to do ‘while going to topic 1’

makes sense???


Hi @yuo

Non of your links are working here, is there any say you could attach screen shots to this topic?

As a whole you cannot ‘animate’ and zoom at the same time in Prezi, you’d have to;

click to fade out
click to fade in
click to zoom in

This is a reply based on the text, once we see the visuals on how you want it to work, maybe we can find a better work around!

Happy creating!


I deleted the screenshots from my laptop after i posted the first time :frowning:

but since you said you cannot animate and zoom at the same time then the issue is probably ‘solved’…

Maybe add this as a feature? because animating multiple objects by clicking once is a very powerful visual presentation tool. You can create a sense of interactivity and flow to your project.

sorry i’m new to prezi, and the authorisation that comes with the links are probably why you cant see them.


It would be awesome to animate in/out and zoom at the same time. maybe @Vanda could pass this on?

It’s possible to animate multiple objects at once, simple hold shift and select all the objects you wish to animate. Then, go into the animations panel, click the ‘+’ and make then fade in/out

See if that helps?

Happy creating!


Thank you, @Luke_Jones, I will!


Does this work for animating in AND out at the same time?


@yuo unfortunately it doesn’t. We’ve discovered you can fade in objects (to cover up the parts you want to be gone when fading something else in) at the same time as fading in the new content you want to be visible. This create the illusion you’re fading the content out at the same time as fading the new content in.

Hope that makes sense!

Happy creating!


How do I make two different animations such as 1) zoom in and 2) make image appear at the same time? I’m not talking about grouping elements to make them appear, but to do several things with only one click? This is very frustrating


Currently it’s not possible, I’m afraid, but please see some ideas from fellow Prezi users in the thread above.


Is there a way to animate two options in different ways simultaneously? For instance, could I fade out a block of text while I fade in a new topic?


I’ve merged your request to the thread requesting the same feature, I’ll update this topic if we have any updates.


On the topics bar to the side, press add topic. This will fade out the previous topic, but also zoom in on the new one!


@Lauren_Guthrie @Luke_Zhang if you are in the overview you can place a topic over the text box and fade it in so the text disappears while a topic is revealed simultaneously. If you are inside a topic, I can also recommend the same thing by fading in a circular shape after revealing the content in the topic which will create the illusion of starting a new blank topic where you can gradually or immediately fade in further content.


I also relay would need the combination of the different animation without using topics or subtopics to achieve certain presentation effects.



It would be very useful to be able to fade in an image and zoom to it in the same click. At the moment it requires two clicks to do this. It’s something that must be done very frequently (certainly I do) so would be a great feature.
In general I would like to see more animations other than the basic few that we currently have.


@Mark_Phillips I’ve merged your idea to a thread requesting the same feature. You can also find a couple of workarounds above.


Maybe this helps?
it’s kind of the same thing allthough you need to hide your content that should fade in with an image


in a page, i want to “add zoom to”
so i click and it do the zoom
and i want to do fade in to a text without clicking the arrow (can i do that ?)
and another thing -
now i want to fade out the text + zoom to another place
but i don’t want to press twice, i want to combine the two into one, so in a single

can i do that ?



@Shay_Toder I’ve merged your idea to a thread requesting the same feature, please check the answers above to find a couple of workarounds, as well.


When I use zoom in/out and fade in/out, I can only do one thing at a time.

So fading out a text en replacing it with a other text fading in is two “clicks”. In my presentation people see:

a. text 1
b. text 1 fading out
c. nothing
d. text 2 fading in

Can it be done without step c.?
With one “click” from text 1 to text 2 (fading out and in at the same time)