Multiple animations (eg. animation and zoom) at the same time


@edwin_klein I’ve merged your request to the topic that discusses a similar request and contains some workarounds. Please check the answers above.



So when are there gonna be a bit more advanced animation options…
like this question …
I mean, this is just the matter of being able to change the trigger for a certain animation,
Now the only trigger is “Next”
what is urgently missing:

  • automatic after the previous one
  • together with a previous one

This would create many more options for great visual storytelling…



@Paul_Naveau, I have merged your post to a relevant thread.

And as it was mentioned in the other post, I am afraid it is not possible for it to be completely simultaneous, but with fade out and fade in animations following each other the transition can be quite rapid:



Hi folks, making my first Prezi and I understand how to group objects and apply a fade in or fade out to them. One of the things I would like to do is have one group of objects fade out while the next group of objects fades in at the same location…in other words, I want to change the images without having a “zoom” effect.

Is this possible?



@doublenerds I’ve merged your request to a thread discussing the same feature, while it’s currently not possible, there are some workarounds above, check them, hopefully they will help you achieve a similar effect.



No update on this at all? Are there any expectations of this functionality being built? I’m enjoying Prezi thus far and will be using it for a presentation to our management team tomorrow. I’ll admit, this is probably a deal breaker for me.

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@claymation, we are sorry to hear it but we do not have an update on this yet.



Hi, is merging animation already working ?



Hi, @Katniss_Everdeen, we do not yet have any updates for this thread.



Why is it not possible to have an object disappear while another appears. This is standard in other programs but in Prezi I have to wait for the first animation to happen and then click again for the second to happen. This makes for a disjointed presentation which is the exact thing that Prezi is supposed to eliminate.



@Brett_Rotelli, I have merged your post to the relevant thread. We understand how this feature could be useful. Please know that as soon as we have an update, we’ll make sure to post it here.



That is fine that you merged it but this has been open for over 16 months how long does it take a developer to look at something?



We have been asking the very same thing! Over 16 months for VERY basic features to be implemented from Classic. We feel like we are using a beta version of Classic when trying to use Next. . . . It may sound harsh, but Prezi seems not to be listening to its customers. . . .



Here to request the same thing. Powerpoint has this basic feature where you can have an animation(s) occur just after the start of the slide. It would be wonderful to have this same feature where an animation executes immediately after opening that page.

I have wanted/needed this feature for such a long time and it would take Prezi to the next level.

EDIT: It’s important to note that PowerPoint now has an online presentation tool where you can present to someone else within the browser. I’m a long time Prezi user and I present to Fortune-500 companies weekly, but as PowerPoint edges closer to Prezi in terms of features, I will quickly embrace the more innovative of the two. Prezi is rapidly losing its edge.



Seconding, thirding, fourthing, fifthing the request from many Prezi users aforementioned in this discussion thread. I find it very humorous how Prezi continues to update its long-time users with disappointment, going on since May 2017, as @Vanda received the first notice of this request that month. Fast forward 21 months later - we are still feeling neglected on this topic as a community.

Through my connections, I’ve spoke to several developers - some who were part of the Prezi engineering team in 2017 and 2018 - and confirmed that developing and implementing a simple feature such as “linking” two similar animations on one user click, is not an impossible feat. Even with the current infrastructure, we should at least have seen a feature enhancement including this request within less than 6 months.

Instead of delivering comments lacking explanations for this shortcoming:

  1. “I’ve merged your idea to a thread requesting the same feature”
  2. “we are sorry to hear it but we do not have an update on this yet.”
  3. “we do not yet have any updates for this thread.”

I believe it is ultimately owed to your paying Prezi users to provide a very logical excuse to justify your delays on delivering a simple feature request.

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@Lana @Agnes - any update on this simple feature?



We agree with everything you have said. Prezi has lost a customer of almost 10 years. Not because of what others can do, but what Prezi has NOT done over the past 2 years. Our trust has been broken with Prezi. It is very sad. Good luck in your waiting for Prezi.



Couldn’t agree more! Please - so so essential!




Is it possible to zoom in to the area and reflect the fade in object at the same time?

Thank You.



Hello @Abhilash_Kondraganti, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I am afraid that currently it’s not possible to have completely simultaneous animations, but there are some workarounds above, like this one:

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