Multiple animations (eg. animation and zoom) at the same time

Just adding another request for this same basic feature, please (would like to fade in + zoom at the same time).

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Hi @Sophie_Cartwright, Thanks for the feedback! We’re not planning on building this feature in the near future because we have to prioritise our resources and unfortunately can’t do it all. However, we have a workaround that might solve this issue for you. Would you be interested in trying this?

Group Animation effects | e.g. Fade In for on and Fade Out for another.

Classic used to have that functionality. Would love to see it in the new Prezi. Very usefull when someone wants to replace one element with another with one click, instead of two.

Hi @Nick_Dorogavtsev, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above?

Hi all
i want to make 2 animation in a same time(e.g fade out an object and fade in another at same time)Is it possible?(like powerpoint animation time line)
thanks all

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Hello @pejman_norouzi, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic, could you please check the above answers?

I would also like to have animations occur at the same time. Otherwise if there was a way to have an object fade out/fade in while in another subtopic so that you can’t see the clunky fade out followed by a fade in, that would also achieve what I’m trying to. The objects I’m trying to fade in/out are in the overview fyi

Hi @Jess_Caz, please note that you can only fade in/out objects if they are on the same level as your current view.

You can use Zoom Areas instead of Topics and Subtopics, so technically, you would always be on the overview. This way, you could animate objects outside your current view (Zoom area).

Hope this helps!