Multiple paths, or branching presentations

Often, a presentation is slotted for about an hour. Depending on the number of questions you get, your presentation time differs.It would be great to be able to branch out depending on how much time you have. This would be another great break from the traditional slide-show paradigm.

Interaction Designers have a similar need.

From the same tree, we need to show a bunch of important flows.

Maybe you could have an image that links to another path, much like clicking an image on a webpage.

Sure. For my use, I would regard it as good enough if I had to start at one place and then branch out from there.

If the alternative is to have a user interface that is more complex, then that’s a sacrifice that is too big. Your presentation tool is strong in it’s simplicity. Either by design, or by the fact that you haven’t had time to implement more features. In any case, I would appreciate that you keep the simple appearance, and add advanced funtionality, such as branching, in keyboard shortcuts, longpress on items or even gestures. These interaction methods will not add to the apparent complexity of the product.

Also predefined paths for different target groups could be realized by this. If you have to presentate to several groups you can show parts depending on their skills.

There are some scenarios for separate, non-hierachical paths (I suppose they could be called local paths). For instance, I have created my website with prezi ( I have a path that runs through the entire site. However, it would be great to be able to have a local path in the English language frame as that would make navigation easier. Now when a user zooms into the English part and tries to use the Play button, he or she is transported back to Finnish.

I think a feature that allowed users who are paging their way through a presentation to head down different paths (sort of like a choose-your-own adventure) would be very useful.

Wondering if this feature has been abandoned or is still in them pipeline? Seven months since the last reply so maybe the idea has fizzled out.

I thought Prezi would be the answer to all my problems as a non-technical person who wants to build wizards.

If there was branching then the product would be brilliant for product wizards for online stores and open up another market for the Prezi.

A customer could then answer a series of questions and ultimately arrive at the right product for them. Such a shame you can’t do that with Prezi at the moment.

Any update on this? I’ve just started a 30-day free trial and the branching aspect of this suggestion is critical. I want to have a prezi where my customers or employees can have a variety of options (paths) and explore those that are of most interest to them.

I like the multi-path idea, and I think allowing not just for one “master” path with branches, but multiple distinct, non-hierarchical paths within a prezi would be powerful. As an educator, the idea of a prezi as a big canvas that breaks down artificial boundaries generated by linear presentations in distinct files is very important. Here’s just a couple ways distinct paths could work from that perspective:

  1. A prezi may span multiple presentations given across class periods where the instructor may not want to lose the continuity/connections of the various ideas presented. Thus, allowing multiple paths representing distinct presentations within the overall canvas could be useful.

  2. If you think of a sort of matrix of ideas where there are rows and columns, the schema for the main path might be to traverse the ideas by column, but you might like alternative paths that traverse the ideas by row. For example, if you were examining the ideas of different key thinkers in a field, you might first present the information by thinker, but you also might want to make it easy to go back and trace across each thinker by the particular strand of thought.

I’m sure people could come up with more cases similar to these.

Before tracking down this post - I just recently posted an almost identical request for “conditional” or “sub” paths.

I do hope this gets incorporated, because I see it as something that is critical both in the profssional as well as educational field… and would make the Prezi capabilities a lot stronger.

Has anyone had any update on the status of this idea?

Many thanks.

Can you have more than one path in one prezi?
Have a great big prezi and was thinking of creating two paths though - one for the short version, and one for the long. Is there a way to do that within one presentation?

Multiple Paths._

Multiple paths - My idea would be to have a Prezi presentation setup, with an option to have 3, 4 or 5 different paths laid upon it. It would make the presentation even more multi-dimensional and dynamic.

Path selection could occur from a simple drop down menu off once you’ve hit ‘Show’.

Multiple paths._

Considering this is labelled planned, can we expect this to be implemented anytime soon? Whats the latest update on this addition?

Has been planned for nearly two years now so I would imagine it isn’t really in the pipeline… :o(

I wish to have a main “slide” with say, 3 points. When I click on point 2 at any time, I want to be able to show a series of pictures. And when I click on say, point 1, something similar should happen. It will be great that the last picture allows me to loop back to the main “slide” for other points to be selected…much like hyperlinks in PowerPoint…is it doable at all? Thanks in adv.

Hyperlinks…like in PowerPoint?._


This may be the answer to what you want to do:…

Best wishes from a fellow Prezi user.

Hi all,

I didn’t see this thread when I posted another idea that essentially proposes the same thing. Instead of having separate paths, however, in my idea we would embed one prezi into another.


basically, when I present on the outcomes of my dissertation, I re-use certain sections such as methodology and theoretical framework in multiple presentations. I was left unsatisfied with the copy and paste as it usually transfers and copies all the little errors and type-o’s from the master prezi into all others… So, embedding would allow following different paths while having a single copy of each content that one could edit thus editing all.

Hope that makes sense. Please comment here or there…

Sadly all of this seems to be a back burner idea. Any way to have multiple paths would be so so golden… But alas… Nothing

It would be great to implement multiple paths as letters: A, B, C, etc. For example, I could press “a” and the prezi would jump to the beginning of path A. This would allow me to prepare many “topics” or “channels” of discussions, so in the presentation I could change “channels” on the fly. It would even be cool to have a topic/channel selector (by hovering over the top center of the screen, for example. Then if I have 23 paths, I don’t have to write down a mapping of letters to topics.

I really like Prezi, but see this as a major obstacle to adoption. Potentially Prezi could let you cover a topic in great detail, without letting the detail dilute the main message. One Prezi could be used at multiple types of meetings, and allow interactive tailoring of content. But this relies upon being able to branch, choosing the best route for the audience. Without this Prezi runs the risk of becoming just a gimmick — especially if Microsoft’s PPTPLEX is adopted in the next version of PowerPoint. Is it on the roadmap?

I like to add my voice to the clamor for this idea - much like Jim above I am creating a Prezi that will house an overview of our entire project that would be utilised in a range of conversations / presentations allow us to jump to various aspects of the project as needed. I am able to have a main presentation path with side ‘detail’ available as needed but it would be great for these to open out into separate warrens.

There is so much potential for this - let the rhizome represent the rhizome (with navigation)!