Multiple Presenters Prezi Live

hey guys,
a function to share a link for controling the slides in a Live Perzi. This is a problem when multible people want to present 1 Prezi. The only workaround we are using is Teamviewer right now.

Hi @Paul_Mairinger, it is not possible to Live present one presentation the same time, but a nice workaround could be to create a copy of the presentation which can be presented live. :slight_smile:

@Bart our team was trying to accomplish similar (one Prezi Live to a group, multiple presenters) and while we noticed there needs to be one “driver”, the others are able to navigate using their own toolbars (as participants)… but, that said, the page advancement only happens on their screen. Is that typical? Is there a way to lock down the ability to pause videos and move fwd/backward for those not presenting? I was hoping it could be “all or nothing” so that there’s no confusion during the actual Live presenting. Let me know if I need to provide more as examples.

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, I would love to have more examples, to understand a bit more about you questions! :smile:

@Gus sure- basically, we had an instance where our Sales Mgr (we’ll call him Bob) had a Prezi presentation that he gave through Prezi Live. He invited a group of people to participate, including internal (myself, others from company) & external contacts (customers) by sending his link out and he also included a conference call # for audio… So, basics covered.

As we practiced the actual speaking roles & page transitions prior to the actual date, it was discovered that anyone could key forward or backward and/or pause videos etc. when on the Live link. At first this seemed like a great thing so that others, even as participants, could “drive” if they had a turn speaking. But, when Bob himself keyed fwd it caught everyone up, if I recall correctly, so there turned out to be a potential for confusion as to what page people should be on/where the video was at. (Also the potential for customers to jump ahead.)

In the end, Bob controlled everything and it went smoothly, and no one in the internal group mentioned to our cust the ability to be able to control things separately, so no one did.

I was just wondering if we were experiencing a “glitch” of sorts (meaning the participants shouldn’t have been able to manipulate) or if this was a normal occurrence. And, depending on your answer, I guess I’m also wondering if there is a way to make this one way or the other (meaning participants should have NO ability to control on their end, OR is there an opportunity to develop a way to transfer controls to others on purpose)?

Happy to provide more details, maybe in a private email so as not to bore others, if needed!