My old prezis are not there


I used to use Prezi some years ago and made many Prezis. Then I canceled my paid account and returned with a free one last year, but all the past Prezis are not there. Is there a way to restore those?


I dont think so, once I was using a free account before passing to EduPlus. After that I wanted to restore my Prezi, but I failed…

Hello @Juan_Urraburu, looks like you have access to both Prezi Classic and Next and you have many presentations in your account. You can switch between the two dashboards in the top left corner of the account. I hope this helps you find the presentations you’re looking for. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you Sara! All is there.

Ah! Thank you Sara! I was having the same problem and you helped me locate all my prezi’s!! Thank you! I was about to have a heart attack! lol. Do you know how I can more these same Presentations to the New Prezi page?

Hello @CharRe_Burnum, it is not possible to transfer presentations from one platform to the other unfortunately, as Prezi Classic and Next are two different products built on different technologies. Prezi Next is the latest generation of our presentation platform, built on HTML5 technology, while Prezi Classic is the previous version of Prezi, that runs on the Adobe Flash platform.

Thank you:)

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Hello, I have a similar Problem. I Made all my presentation in Prezi Classic so far. And now lots of my Presentations are gone!!

Hello @Peter_Westerhoff, looks like there are many presentations in your account. Is there a specific one you’re looking for? Also please double check if you have an account registered with a different email address as well. Please let me know if you need further assistance, I’ll be happy to help.

I’m having this same issue! My students created presentations last week for their final grade. Today, we logged in so they could present and they were gone. This is their final grade. We are panicking!

Hello @Victoria_Stiles, I would suggest checking in both dashboards in case they have access to Prezi Classic and Next - you can switch between the two platforms in the top left corner of the account. Also please make sure you’re logging into the account the presentations were created in. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.


I cannot find my old presentations either. I have switched between next and classic, and I don’t see them. When I try to follow old links in my email, ones I used to share the presentations, I get a message that says “403, this is a forbidden space, This presentation view link has expired. We’re sorry; please reach out to the presentation owner and ask them to share a new link with you.”

I get this message even though I’m logged into my prezi account. Please let me know if my old presentations might still be around.


Hello @Kimberly_Jones, can you please send me the URL of one of these presentations? Also do you have any other email address you could have used for signing up? I’ll be happy to help you locate the account and the presentations.

HI Sara,

Thanks for trying to sort this out. I did try another email address, with no success. Here are a couple of links to old prezi presentations.​

Hello @Kimberly_Jones, these presentations were created in the account registered with the jon23**** email address. You can reset the password here if needed.

Oh… That’s great. I’ll try logging in with that email.

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