My portable prezi won't play after transferring it to another computer

I’ve downloaded my prezi into a portable prezi file and it seems to play fine on my computer, which is a mac, but after transferring it via memory stick into a PC computer it does not appear in the memory stick’s files.  From what I’ve read about portable prezis, they should play on both Mac and PC, regardless of whether that computer has Prezi installed.  Is this true?

Hello Kit,

Download the Prezi again or reopen the dowloaded Prezi on your computer. If it’s open close it en copy the whole map on the USB stick and try it again. I prefer to play Prezi from laptop then USB stick. Or with good online connection.

You don’t have to install Prezi to present your Prezi. 

Succes and enjoy Prezi,



Hello Kit,

yes in addition to what Eko has mentioned the Portable Prezi can be used standalone on Mac and PC and has its own player. See here for more -

Sometimes in Windows explorer (where you see all your files listed) checking the menu tools / folder options can help, making sure you enable relevant tick boxes to see all your files also ‘view / details’ can help when looking for certain file types.

In the case of a PC you would be looking for the ‘Prezi.exe’ file to execute the programme and make it run.

Hope this helps



I download my prezi in one mac… and did not open, so I download it in another mac, and could see it perfectly in it, so i put it in a pendrive and try to use it in the first one and it did not work!!! what could be happening???