My presentation disappeared!

My presentation just freaking disappeared !!!
I am supposed to present it in 10’
How may I recover it?

Hello @Jonathan_Habersztrau, could you please send us the title of your presentation so we can investigate it?

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Please !!! Save me Catarina !!!

@Jonathan_Habersztrau It seems like the presentation is among your deleted presentations and I’m afraid we are unable to restore it. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you have any idea hop might I?

I’m afraid we don’t know how it happened but we can assure you that we do not delete any user presentations from our system, it has to be done from the account of the owner.

Hi there, it looks like my account has had all presentations wiped too. Admittedly it has been a while since I last logged on but can you please recover them?

Hello @Anita_Lo, I cannot locate any created or deleted presentations in your current account. Is there any other account you might have registered in Prezi?

Hello Catarina. My presentation disappeared from dashboard as well and now if I click on a previously created link, it says user denied access. My presentation is titled TheAbode. Please help!!

Hello @siu_lim, it seems like your presentation was deleted and unfortunately it’s not possible for us to recover it.