My Presentation is lost



The presentation I have created seems to be lost (LINK: I was able to view this on Jan 06 but I cannot view it today anymore. Please advise where my presentation went.

Also, as checked in my dashboard, it says that I don’t have any presentations created.


Though, I am able to access the link of my lost presentation but nothing shows in the presentation canvas.


Seems like there is something wrong on the backend of Prezi. However I discovered the Prezi is still accessible when you add embed at the end of your URL:

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Hi @Christine_Ann_Martin, this presentation belongs to a different account under a different Gmail address. Do you have a different email address that you used to register at Prezi?

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Hi @Agnes, I made this presentation using my own gmail account and I don’t have any gmail accounts except for this one.


I agree, there is something wrong on the backend side. Thanks for the workaround but the problem seems to be fixed. I can now view my presentation.