My Prezi doesn't appear when embedded on my website


I tried to embed a Prezi on my website, but when I view it on my live website it shows an error message.
You can see it by clicking here.

Error message:



Hello @Hafsa_I, could you share the link of the presentation you were trying to embed + copy the exact embed code you used so we can further investigate? Thank you in advance.


Here’s the presentation link:

This is the code: <iframe width="550" height="400" src="" webkitallowfullscreen="1" mozallowfullscreen="1" allowfullscreen="1"></iframe>



Thanks, could you try with the following code:

<iframe width=“550” height=“400” src=“” webkitallowfullscreen=“1” mozallowfullscreen=“1” allowfullscreen=“1”></iframe>


It didn’t work but it displayed a different error message.