My prezi got lost


Hi my name is Kathrin,
and my Prezi got lost, what can I do?
Kind regards,



Hello @Kati_Feichter, I would suggest making sure you’re logged into the Prezi account the presentation was created in if you have more than one account. Also please check the Prezi Classic as well as the Prezi Next dashboards in case you have access to both. If you need further assistance with this feel free to reach out to us.



Hello Sara,
thank you for your kind answer. I have a new account now. My old username was Kathrin Feichter. I do not have access to it anymore. But when I google: “Kathrin Feicher What I like best is to make me happy” I can see my prezi. This is strange. Maybe you can help me now? It would be gorgeous!

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Please help me, I finished my presentation yesterday and it was being presented perfectly but suddenly i lost it from my presentations (i only lost this new one, the old prezies are existing).
I still keep the dashboard/Next page of my lost presentation opened on my computer (this is its link:, I do care for not reloading or closing this page but when i press PRESENT or EDIT buttons i got 404 Lost in Space!

this is the page link of my presentation:

I hope you can help me solve this problem. I spent more than 20 hours making this presentation and i am in a bad need for it.

Mohamed Alshandidy



Hi @Mohamed_Alshandidy, the presentation in question is connected to a different account than the one you are contacting us from. Do you have access to any other accounts?