My uploaded video play in a second then suddenly stop


I have prezi plus account, and my problem is that my uploaded video in my presentation didn’t play throughly. I mean it play at first and thers no problem whatsoever but when i try to adjust the size of the video in overview. and came back again to the video to play it, it just play the video in seconds and suddenly it always stop, so the video didn’t play throughly until the end of the video. How can i fix this? Do i need to reupload again the video? it takes me an hour to upload the video. It’s just a short video of a dance warm up for about 4 minutes. Do I have to send the link of my presentation? Please reply because I’m going to present this 2 days from now :frowning:


If I were you, I would delete the video and insert it again in the size that you want to use. If you don’t have security or connectivity issues, you might want to stream the video from YouTube.

Robin, Prezi Expert at