Native support for Chromecast?

Hey, I carry my presentations on my phone and use Google Slides+Chromecast to present. I’d love to move to Prezi, but lack of native support for casting is stopping me. Any plans in the near future?

Dear Raj,

It is on our roadmap, however there is no exact date defined for the release.
Meanwhile, if you download the Chromecast app from Google Play, you will be able to view your mobile device’s screen and your prezi.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz

Thanks, guys. I recently bought an iphone. Any plans to roll this out to ios?

Hi. I have Samsung tab s 2 with android 6.0.1. And chromecast 2.
But in prezi viewer there is no icon for casting. I can see only icon with 2heads to invite audience. Other apps cast without problem. Is there any additional setting or something?

Please i bought chromecast specially for prezi. I have checked your instructions buto simply I got no icon to cast.

Please help it is super important to me.