Navigating through a presentation in Present

Thank you so much for the video @Prof_EC, we’re still experiencing some issues when presenting from the dashboard, as the slider with numbers is not displayed (which doesn’t allow to “jump” in the presentation). Our development team is already aware of this and they’re working on it :slight_smile:

For now, as a workaround, I’d recommend you to click on present when you’re inside the editor, as it has a better navigation in the presentation. Please, check this example to see how it looks like.

Hope this could help!

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I really appreciate your help. At this point, I cannot continue to use Prezi as my primary lecture delivery tool without the ability to jump around throughout the presentation as needed, and I’m hoping that you can pass this along so that this feature is addressed promptly.

As for presenting from within the editor, I’ve been trying this workaround already. And, oddly, it is unreliable in a way that I can’t understand. At times it allows me to jump forward and then proceed with animation from that point – and other times, when I jump forward and attempt to continue the presentation from there (using the arrow keys/forward button), it snaps me backwards and again makes me progress through every “skipped” animation. I hope this explanation makes sense.

I’ve provided a video again to depict the problem. You’ll see me start the presentation as usual, and then attempt to skip ahead. On the first skip you’ll see that I am able to progress forward with animation from that spot. On a subsequent skip forward though, you’ll see that I am unable to use the arrow key/forward button from there. Instead, it moves me backwards to a previous point in the presentation.

I’d really love to hear follow-up about this issue, as I am left with trying to get all of this material transferred into a program that allows me to move more flexibly through my presentations. I’d really rather stay with Prezi!

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@Prof_EC thanks again for the detailed video, this is precious feedback for us!

Our development team is already aware of the presentational issues with some of the converted presentations and we’re working on it, I’ll share any updates about the developments on this thread :slight_smile:

For now I’d recommend you to keep presenting through the editor as it contains the slider with numbers - when you use exclusively the slider, does the “jump back” issue also happens when you try to move forward?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Where is scroll bar when I’m presenting a presentation. I used to use the scroll bar to quickly get to the presentation parts I needed each day. So that I didn’t need to click through 100 slides each time (I’m a teacher) Now with Prezi next there is no scroll bar at the bottom of the presentation. Unless I’m in edit mode and reviewing my presentation? (these are from my classic presentations that I updated to Prezi next)

Hello @Tammy_Watson, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Could you please check the reply above?

Hope this can help!

Hello again,

Its been a few months since this was brought up as a problem, and I’m just checking to see if there is any progress or update as to when this might be resolved. I can’t edit my old presentations and there is no point in my editing my Prezi Present converted documents if the kids can’t slide around them quickly.

Any update regarding timelines (aside from “we’re working on it”)would be appreciated.

Sorry to keep pestering but I followed up almost 3 weeks ago and hoped to hear any update. I’m sure Prezi might be “working on it” but we need to have an idea as to whether or not this will be fixed, as I have to prep my content for the future. If I can’t navigate the slides as I used to then I’ll have to start looking into other options besides Prezi.

I really would prefer not to have to do this but will have to if that is the only way I can have my presentations meet the needs of my students. As the old presentations slowly lose functionality and are also unable to be edited, I’m starting to worry if I’m going to have to find another platform.

I hope to hear an update soon. Thank you for all your work.

Hi Catarina, is there any update at this point? It has been over 3 months since this was brought up and if this isn’t going to be fixed anytime soon I have to start thinking about an alterative service so I’d appreciate a little update.

Hello @Sean_Kasak, could you please try to reconvert your Classic presentations?

The scrollbar should now be available when clicking on Present from the dashboard (main page).

Let me know if it’s working!

Update: Works for some, not for others. I’ve had some convert on the first conversion attempt while others required 2 or 3 conversions before the scroll bar was present. Just giving you a heads up.

It does work, with a caveat:

If you had already created a copy of a Prezi Classic to convert to Prezi Present before it was fixed, it will NOT have the scrollbar. It will not load on any of the Prezi’s that I had converted back in January.

Making a copy in Present format as of today WILL have the scrollbar. Apparently the fix only applies to conversions from Classic to Present format going forward.

You’ll have to alert users that if their Prezi Present does not have a scrollbar they will have to convert another copy in order for it to now appear.

Thank you for the update and for fixing this, I greatly appreciate it. I’ll let you know if there are any other snafu’s as I try to convert and edit all the converted Prezi’s.

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Sorry again for another follow up. It appears the fix is not consistent. I got the scroll bar to appear in a recent conversion. I did some editing and after it saved it would not show the scrollbar again. Any ideas or tips to resolve this frustration?

As an additional piece of info, the scrollbar appears only when you present through editing mode. It will not appear anymore from the dashboard when presenting (or more importantly) when it is embedded in an assignment for kids to use for reference.

Another update - Any time I’ve edited a converted Prezi that had added the scrollbar, after any edit it is gone if the person tries to view it from the dashboard or on an embedded page. The only time it will appear again is in edit mode when you click present. Hoping that this gets ironed out.

@Sean_Kasak thank you so much for the insightful feedback once again! Would you mind to share the title of one of the presentations where you’ve experienced the change with the scrollbar so we can further analyse it?

Please, note that the scrollbar fix only works with recently converted presentations.

We really appreciate your continuous cooperation and interest with this matter :slight_smile:

Correct, as I said the Prezi’s I converted after you confirmed that the fix was implemented ALL had scrollbars until any edit was saved. After that point it was gone with the only way to see the scrollbar is if I was in edit mode and then clicked present. Therefore my kids had not ability to use the scrollbar when going through the site or when opening it in an embedded document.

Here is an original classic prezi (with scrollbar) :Unit 3 - Disease Transmission by Sean Kasak

Here is the same prezi which was converted to Prezi Present last week and had only a handful of edits which caused the scrollbar to disappear after the changes were saved:

I have tested this on 3 different Prezis. For all, the scrollbar appears after conversion, and then is permanently gone after any edit.

Hi Catarina, just checking in to see if there are any updates for this fix.