Navigating through a presentation in Present

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Could you please check the answer above?


You’ve directed @Geoff_Cleveland to a thread where there is no answer or fix. It has been “we are working on it” for over 9 months. They did one update where as long as you don’t edit anything after converting it from classic to present then it will be there, but it is gone as soon as you make an edit.

I’ve detailed the issues and errors for months and given feedback. The most recent response I’ve received on the topic is:

“it’s something that is already being worked on, but right now we’re prioritizing other features and fixes, so I’m not able to provide a precise ETA yet.”

This has been very frustrating and as a backup measure I’ve been converting my Prezis to another platform because at this point I just don’t have faith that this is going to be fixed anytime soon.

Please make this a priority.

Thanks for the reply Sean. It’s unfortunate that Prezi has been a source of frustration for many of us over the past two years. Prezis take a heck of a lot more effort than Google Slides but the the payoff has always been worth it. However, if Prezi cannot provide its paying customers with useable features then I think I will need to look elsewhere for the sake of my students.

Hi @Catarina,

Just saw the announcement of the updated Prezi video being live. I’m hoping this now means that there is time to fix the problems around your core product that STILL haven’t been fixed. I just tested it again today and it still removes the navigation bar after an edit of a prezi that has been upgraded to Prezi Present.

This has persisted for almost a year. My entire department is switching away from Prezi and I’ve started the process because Prezi isn’t giving anything more than lip service.

Can we please have an idea of if/when this will be fixed? We’ve been very patient for upwards of a year now and “we’re working on it” isn’t cutting it anymore.

Again, PLEASE make this a priority.


@Bart is there anything you can add to update us on this?

@Bart , @Catarina

Anything? Could someone please give an update to this situation? It is SO frustrating being forced to choose between updating content in a Prezi or lose navagation features.

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One year with no fix and repeatedly being ignored by support. I loved using Prezi but this has been a dealbreaker. I understand that Prezi is likely short staffed like everyone else but you’ve made it clear that you’re prioritizing other items instead of what drew you to people in the first place. Its really frustrating.

If anyone else is still having this problem it is best to transition to another platform like Google Slides. You can relatively quickly copy and paste all slides from the slide overview page (open the presentation link in an incognito window if you’re struggling to see it) and you can quickly copy a snapshot of each individual slide to PowerPoint or Google Slides. You may have to change the slide size initially to more of a 4:3 ratio to be able to have it fit easier.

I’ll check back every now and then to see if anything has changed. I hope it has, as Prezi was my “go to” for a decade and now I unfortunately have to move on.