Necessary features for academic use

Dear Prezi Team,

There is few simple points that are strongly needed if you want people, and especially scientists, to use Prezi instead of powerpoint:

  1. Italic and Bold font! what do you have against them, why it is so difficult to add them? All scientific species name have to be written in italic, it is not acceptable in a presentation if they are not!

  2. Subscript and superscript, without them no chemist will ever use Prezi! and not only chemist, for any units we need subscript and superscript… again, it doesn’t look that hard to include and people are begging for it since 3 years! Will this feature appears soon?

  3. (less important) equations editor. Yet a nice possibility exist by using…. it makes transparent fonts and a dpi up to 300, just have to save the picture and add it to Prezi… Yet, it will be by far better to have this directly in Prezi!

Without that Prezi is kind of useless for many scientists. I’ve started a presentation with Prezi, will finished it, it’s for an unofficial meeting so it’s ok, but without these features I won’t use Prezi again, sorry!

Prezi is very nice, zooming is a wonderful idea but these few features that many are asking for 3 years… and still not implemented, arrgh what a pity!

In the hope of seeing these implemented soon,


Why not add a Latex interpreter in textbox. We write in Latex language in them and it appears interpreted! Like matlab is doing for title and labels in graphs…
Then it will become possible to add italics, bold, colors, sub- superscripts, equations, greek characters, different size,… everything!
Everybody will be happy and Prezi will become the best presentation solution!

(or an HTML interpreter will be also nice)

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for your comments. We are actively working on italics and bold. I’ll save you the time of explaining the rendering engine and front end pieces to make this possible, but know that it is coming very soon. Super and subscript are equally complicated, along with equations, but all this has the potential to be worked on once we make the changes required for bold/italics.

The good news is that it’s on our radar and we have developers working on this right now (and have for some time). The bad news is that it has taken us a while to get there and has been a lot of work. But we’re starting with your priorities above and hope to have you as a happy user again very soon!

Thank you again for sharing.