Need multiple features that dont all work in same prezi

Is there a way to combine the following functions/options in any verson of prezi for a presentation to a live audience?

Conduct a poll using slido as part of the presentation–not ahead of time
Use phone as remote clicker
Embed and play a you tube video (and start it from the remote clicker)
Have speaker notes on laptop but not in the presentation mode

I would pay for the license for whatever upgrade if these (seemingly simple) functions can all be used.

Hello @Sharon_Smith, the last 3 points from your list should be possible with the Prezi Next desktop application.

Here is an article about using the phone as a remote.
Here you can find an article about the presenter view.
And you can find an article about adding video here.

Please note that conducting a poll is not possible inside Prezi, but you can prepare the Slido in a different window that you can hide behind the presentation and bring it from when you reach that point of your presentation.

Hope this helps!

I read all those articles and how tos. However, the issue is being able to do all things in one presentation. I need to run Prezi online to do a you tube video right? I can’t use the desktop application. But, I need the desktop application (Prezi Next?) to use the remote clicker and have presenter notes.

Hello @Sharon_Smith, you can also show an embedded Youtube video with the desktop application. As long as the computer is connected to the internet it should not be an issue.

I’ll try thanks