Need reminder on where to find Prezi server status

Can you please direct me to, or post a link here for, the place to check what Prezi servers are up to? Lately I’ve been having difficulties loading presentations and I don’t know if there was a Windows update, if there was a Chrome update, or if maybe Prezi was down for that time period… I was once directed to a page that Prezi provided their current status & hoping to find it again?

(And in the meantime, am I the only one experiencing or does anyone know of any updates that might be affecting me? I’m typically in the online version and my PC is likely 100% up-to-date. Just noticed some slow-downs in the past week or so. It’s affecting loaded assets as well as not being able to load Prezi-provided image previews from Storyblocks.) Thanks.

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, you can check our operational status in the following page :slight_smile:

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And just in case it is something else on my end (as I suspect may be the case, but I really wanted the server status link to check both now & in future, so thanks again) I can confirm I’m using Chrome 78 (for now, until I get the 79 rollout) and Windows 10 Pro Version 1903 (until I’m told to update to 1909).

Edited to add: I added a comment with more details in the “Super Slow” topic thread. I do think I need some troubleshooting help to see why I’m not able to present like normal lately.

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