Need to make Prezi "Private" but I don't have access to the account


Years ago, I made a Prezi from another account that I seem to have lost access to, and any email accounts connected to it have been disabled. It can be accessed from here:

I wanted to kindly request that this Prezi be made “private” so it does not appear as part of Google search results, for the sake of personal privacy.

Thank you and I am happy to assist with any personal information or identification processes as required.


Hi @Chinmoy_Ayachit, thanks for sending us the link. This presentation is under a public account, and I’m afraid there is no way for me to delete it. :frowning:

One thing you could do is to contact our abuse team by clicking the Report button under your presentation and let them know about this issue. You have to fill out a short form, but feel free to just select any category at the ‘What’s going on’ section and explain the issue below.

Ok, thank you. I will try the report button. Appreciate the prompt response!

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