Needed features that I feel are lacking in Prezi Compared to Power Point and Keynote

I have been doing talks, pitches, and presentations for a long time now.  I have used many presentation packages over the years - mostly PowerPoint and Keynote.  I really like the potential of Prezi and think it has some very powerful tools that separates it from these other presentation packages however I am disappointed by a lack of basic features.

  • Text Transitions:  At last count Keynote has around 40+ text transitions while Prezi can only fade in (without even a fade out!!!)  This lack of options is puzzling.  Trace is an example of how cool effects can spice up presentations.  Please consider adding some of these features as they really can help with presentations
  • Audio Controls: While a appreciate the simplicity of the audio (audio background and voice over for each frame) this is simply not enough control for experienced presenters who like to have specific control over volume and stops and starts, transitions for audio.  Please consider giving these controls to your users
  • General Image Transitions: Like text effects, more then a fade in would be nice for images and can really help break up animations.  Please consider adding these effects.
    I really like Prezi overall and feel it can really give presenters some tools that Keynote and Powerpoint cannot give, however, the lack of some of these features leave me scratching my head.