Needs proper "highlight" brush!

I’d very much like a “highlight” brush similar to the yellow marker pen one can use for books, and one for every prezi style there is. The present brushes do not seem like they were intended for highlighting text, as they are not transparent (enough). A proper “highlight” brush would have the effect of sharpening contrast, when used over an object, say, a pdf full of text, so that grey or greyish text becomes black against the yellow colour. The present brushes, if used over text, have the effect of making the text harder to read, while everything outside the brushed text stands out. What I need is the exact opposite.

Use case : When I use Prezi in class I will often start by importing a pdf with a text, and then use the zoom in and out to discuss various parts of the text. I miss being able to highlight words or sentences in a simple way, beyond encircling them. Would make analysis much much easier to do in a prezi, by visualizing what’s important in an imported text or image/object. Speed is of the essence. It needs to be as simple as the present brush, only work as an actual “highlighting” feature, which can be used quickly in front of a live audience of lively participants.

Hi Morten,
Thanks for this idea and the detailed explanation for its need.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: