New 2.1.0 Prezi video slightly squishes video

I’ve just updated to the new Prezi video and as soon as it connects to Zoom the video get squished slightly horizontally - maybe 10-15%. Noticable. I’m running a Sony A5100 through a capture card. If I then open OBS studio (which has the same camera as an input) it resets it back to normal. It’s been absolutely fine before this. So weird! Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Hi @simon_holley, thanks for reporting this.

Please share a screenshot of the error that would help us identify the cause of this issue. :slight_smile:

Could you also let me know what OS you are working on?

I had the same issue.

Camera: Sony A7r
Computer: Mac Pro - 11.6

When I open Prezi Video My camera is squished.

Scenario 1:
Camera > Capture Card > OBS = No problem
When I open Prezi Video, it squishes the camera in both Prezi Video AND OBS.

I open Prezi first (camera is squished)
I then open OBS and that seems to fix the ratio for both OBS and Prezi.

It’s a work around.

Yup - that’s what I have to do. My problem is that OBS is such a resource hog I don’t like to leave it running. But if I close it sometimes prezi squishes again - or goes really laggy…

Hi Bart.
I’m on Mac OS 11.6.2
I’m running an A5100 camera HDMI into a USB capture device and then into Mac.Camera is outputting 16:9 on NTSC

I’ve uploaded 2 screenshots - first one I’ve just opened Pezi and you can see it’s squished compared to the second after I’ve opened OBS.

second image after OBS
Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 11.27.20

Hi everyone, thanks for the reporting. We have passed this along to our developers.

For now, I would recommend you use the OBS workaround.