New account-merging with old account?

A few years ago I had a Prezi account, producing two presentations, one on Rock Climbing and one on Wuthering Heights. About two years later, I have changed my email entirely. I just made a new presentation for a college course, and I realized that I used to have other presentations on another account with a different (deleted last summer) email. I would like to merge the accounts, and all I want to do is call someone or email an employee, but can’t find it anywhere unless I pay for some higher account.

Well, I’m not paying money for this one question, and it’s fine if it remains unsolved, but I’d appreciate any help/guidance.

Thank you! That sounds good. I appreciate your time.

I have the same issue, but I cannot login to the old account as I do not have any password and email any more. I do not even know the email I used for that account. Can anyone help here?

This is the prezi I talk about

If you cannot get into the old account where can you find assistance?

Here is the link to my old math presentation I also have one on a conference I attended on women . I think my original was an email but I used it for that math prezi back n April 2012

Thanks vera I think I may know the pw.

I got in thanks to your assistance. Now… about merging?

I can’t login to my old prezi account that I made in high school. I have 11 different presentations on it. The name on the account is Ryder Cox.

I can’t login to my old prezi account that I made in high school. I have 11 different presentations on it. The name on the account is Ryder Cox.

I followed the instructions above. When I tried deleting the Prezi from my old account, it deleted from my new account as well!

Please advise how I am able to recover my Prezi and ensure this does not happen again.


Hello Vera!
Sorry to bother! I can’t access my old Prezi account! I didn’t forgot or lost my email - it is still the same and even in August I was able to use it:
I don’t know what to do, specially I’ve seen I have some public presentations and I would like to make them private… but where do I find my old private account back?

(Meanwhile I had to do another account to be able to ask for help: the email is the same!)

Thank you for your time and attention, 

hello. I had two accounts as well so I wanted to delete one (my gmail log in) but then it deleted both accounts. (my hotmail log in as well). There’s gotta be a way to get it back because I didn’t delete one account with all my press. PLEASE HELP

I tried the method above, but when I click “Share”, it only comes up with a link and not the email sharing one. It worked for the first Prezi I shared, but not the last one.

it’s ok, it’'s working now. Thanks though :slight_smile:

I can see that my prezis are still online ( but I cannot reconnect with them. I tried logging in with 3 different ways but I still cannot find the original account. I believe it was through linkedIn but now when I connect through linkedIn I don’t see them. It’s not gmail nor Facebook. Can you please help? 
Thanks in advance.

Thank you very much Roel and Vera,

It was the hint of Vera that eventually helped me resolve the mystery.



Is there any way someone can email me about account recovery ( I’m Robin Dodder and had an account at my old work email address or (can’t remember which one), and I can narrow down password information but am uncomfortable doing that on public forum. I need some of my prezis from that old work account, but I cannot seem to get my login to work.


Vera- What if you no longer have access to the old email address? As in my employment at a hospital ended yesterday, as did my access to work email. I can no longer sign in to my old Prezi account but want to transfer a presentation over to the new account. All I have is the shared link for the presentation. Please advise, thank you!