New/Added Dashboard Categories to use!

The new options (at least, new to me today? but I haven’t been creating as much these past 2 weeks) in my dashboard = Designs and Library. I just want to say THANKS for adding these! Not only are my assets easily accessible, but I can download directly from Prezi Library if I happen to be on another computer or if I’ve misplaced my original. This is definitely a great tool I’m happy to have available. And I’m looking forward to digging into the Designs section very soon- I think I’ll find the Infographics extremely helpful, for example. If you’re reading this and haven’t seen what I’m talking about, do check it out in your account. Stay well everyone & thanks again Prezi!


Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, we really hope you like this new section, after exploring it more deeply let us know if you have any feedback :slight_smile: