New copy every time you edit?

I currently have the Edu PRO account. Every time I need to edit a Prezi, I am asked to create a new copy before I edit it. Is there any way around this?? I use the same slides every semester for all of my classes, so if I need to create a new copy every time I want to make a change, that means I have to change links on all of my class websites, etc. in order to make sure they have the new set of slides. It’s almost so unnerving that I don’t want to use Prezi any more, after being a loyal user for almost a decade, which makes me sad. Am I missing something here??

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Same issue.
I am the owner of my prezi, i got the edu licence too and every time i want to edit, there is a pop-up saying i can only create a copy and edit that one…
very annoying…

Hello both!

I think you are trying to edit an old presentation created with Prezi Classic. Please note that Prezi Classic is a discontinued product. That’s why you are creating a copy of it in Prezi Present.

Could you please send me a link to the presentations you have to make a copy of so I can confirm if they are still Classic presentations?