New features, italics, boldface and underline

It could be really cool if people can underline words, type words in boldface and in italics.
This is very usefull for outlines.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, I will be sure to add this to the list of features.

Agreed this is a basic text editing feature

I tried adding html tags but that does not work either…

Another vote for italics and boldface. In academic contexts, italics are essential for proper citation format and scientific notation.

I realize some fonts are italicized, but right now they are all-or-nothing for the entire text box. We need the ability to italicize selections within a text box.

Thank you for your consideration. I love Prezi in most other aspects, but I think this modification would make it vastly more useful to a wider audience.

I know how to do this!!!
Go to templates, hit customize templates, and then select “Use the Prezi CSS editor”

At the top you will see 3 sections under “@font-face”. on one of them (I chose the second) change the font name so that the line that reads something like
src: url(‘OpenSans.swf’);
now reads
src: url(‘OpenSans-I.swf’);

then hit apply. VICTORY!!!

If your font name already has a hyphen, then it is being used in a different way, you will need to delete the hyphen and post hyphen stuff and leave it as hyphen I, as above.