New portable prezi format creates big issues to play videos properly

Since the introduction of the new file format in Windows with a single file, the playing of videos is not smooth and doesn’t look professional. It is as if the video quality is terrible. I cannot use Prezi anymore in that context. I am usually in a situation that I do not have access to internet so playing it from the web site is not an option. HELP PLEASE! I love Prezi but I am now stuck with many presentations that I can no longer modify. I might have to leave the Prezi community unless this gets fixed quickly!

Hello Eric,

Thanks for your question. I had the same, my work around is to go online and download there the Prezi. This file is for Mac and PC and runs smoothly.

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Eko Kooistra from Holland

Going online and downloading from there gives me those results of videos not playing properly. I tried with more than one presentations and it gives the same results with different videos. Maybe the issue is with specific video formats imbedded in Prezi.

Hello Eric,
Thank you for the reply. What kind of video format do you use?


Eko Kooistra

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the reply, I noticed that the file structure is changed. Otherwise my experience to play prezi offline is different with Pro desktop then Prezi online.

In the downloaded version online for offline Prezi I can still manage to get to the resource files.


mp4 format

I have the same issue. Since the change to a single .exe file, the transitions are much less smooth (jerky in fact) and my embedded .mp4 file won’t play. I guess this will be a show stopper for a lot of people who used free Prezi for non-commercial purposes. Any ideas what the alternatives are?

I agree. I do not like at all the ugly play button and the fact that it shows a frame later in the video. It was perfect the way it was before. PLEASE bring it back. Another issue with the new file format is the time it takes to load it when you want to play the Prezi file. I made a minor change of transition to my prezi and with the new Prezi-Windows file, it takes 1 minute 57 seconds to load it (the file in my case is 72MEG). That is a long time when you are in front of people and you switch your presentation. With the old version of the file format without that minor change in the path, it loads in 34 seconds before I can start presenting. So the new format seems to have slowed down by 4 times the load time before you can start presenting. 2 minutes is really not convenient…

Dear Vanda,
Thank you for the reply. Why not put back the old file format until your team has resolved the issues? I never had a single issue with the old file format. Many users are now blocked from using Prezi until you fix this issue. I have a big presentation to prepare for Thursday and I was going to reuse one of my existing Prezi with videos. But now I am stuck and I cannot use Prezi.  

I am having this issue. The holding frame is a random one, a Video play button appears on the video and it doesn’t even play most of the time.
Prezi are currently saying its a problem my end. Obviously not the case.

Hello, this problem is from 5 month ago. Did something happend in the meanwhile? I added a few mp4-videos and at the beginning the start somewhere from the middle of the video. Not very nice and a reason to not use prezi any longer. Why did you changend and why there is only a exe-file for windows and a zip-file vor mac. 

Any answers would be great.

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Amaizing 6 months developers can’t solve problem with video in portable prezi! Prezi sucks!