New Presentation inside a Folder Issue

I have folders to organize presentations. With Prezi Next, I click new folder and create the new folder. There then is a very large button within that empty new folder that says ‘New Presentation’. My understanding is that since I am now in this new folder I would want to make a new presentation within that folder… right? WRONG. Currently, it will send that ‘New Presentation’ back into my ‘All Presentations’ area which I then need to go through the steps to organize that presentation into the new folder I had just created and clicked a new presentation button from. Why?!

Thanks for reporting this issue, this is not intentional! Our responsible team has been notified and they’re working on a fix. We’ll update this topic once we have any news.

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@Vanessa_Hinman -

Keep in mind that Prezi folders are not really folders. They are tags. You can add multiple tags to a prezi to place it into multiple “folders.”

A nice feature for Prezi to add would be the ability to add a tag to a prezi from within the Prezi Editor. That way a new prezi would show up in the “All Presentations” folder and also in the folder you are currently working in.

Robin, Independent Prezi Expert,

@Robin_Pierman I totally get tags. But basically I want that New Presentation (created within the Folder) in the Folder I created specifically for the presentation. Period. I currently have to go to All Presentations and then “move” it to the folder. Tagging aside, it’s a glitch.

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