New stuff but no fixes to problems that have gone on for over two years

We just saw the new video option for Prezi. Our question is why? Has Prezi decided to ignore and lose the loyal Classic customers and even some of the new customers who have been asking for basic features such as:

Animated GIFs
Classic to Next migration
Custome Fonts
Overview to Topic problems
Better Pathtooling (like in Classic)
Multiple screen formats
Ease of use for more browsers than Chrome (the video intro page says you must use Chrome now?)

Just when we were considering to maybe coming back, we find that your efforts have not been where you have been telling us that you were working on, but now you are doing new things rather than fixing or addressing the issues that multiple loyal customers have basically been “begging” to have just some of these fixed, but it looks like you would rather develop new things instead of keeping your customers and their customers. . . . :frowning:

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i agree completely.

Fully agree!
And I would add: play video without zoom in it.

PowerPoint is growing with interesting new features as the Transform transitions of the slides. Also, the video integration is day by day better, and for sure, much better than Prezi. In fact, I’m comming back to PPT after many years in several times.

We are with you in returning to PP. It took us waiting for over 2 ½ years of asking and wondering if Prezi would ever move on repeated requests by numerous customers, but after all this time, our boss pulled the plug and now we are really enjoying the new features of PP which were accomplished in just one year and look forward to the other features that will keep us with PP. It really is sad for us because our creative team really loved Prezi, but Next just does not function the way Classic did and so many basic features are still missing. :frowning:

I feel the same way as others. Please look after those who looked after you!

Hello everyone, we absolutely agree that our core presentation software is far from meeting every user’s needs. However, please understand that Prezi came into existence from, and was built around, the desire to continually create new and better tools for sharing thoughts and ideas. We’re constantly striving to push our limits to improve and enhance how people visually communicate, and will always be excited to explore, innovate, and work toward providing new ways of presenting and sharing ideas. This is why we’ve put quite a lot of effort and workforce into bringing Prezi Video to life.

That being said, we never forget the importance of improving and updating our existing product offerings as well. We have multiple channels to constantly collect user feedback, all of which is taken into account. The volume of requests for particular updates, features, and improvements is a major factor in how we prioritize our efforts.

We’re happy to confirm that many of the things you mentioned in your Forum post are currently being worked on by our Product team. We hope that as we implement those improvements in the future, you’ll consider returning to use Prezi.

In the meantime, we also hope you’ll give Prezi Video a chance, as we’re genuinely excited about sharing this tool with the world, and can’t wait to see the many creative ways in which it will be used.

This is some kind of joke. It will be like wework, instead of focusing loyal customer they are “innovating and expanding”. I have been paid prezi user for last 8 user and this is going to be my last. There is no point of knocking the same door over and over again. Keep collecting “feedback”. That’s what you are good at.

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People will vote with their feet, and walk away. I suspect they won’t mind that, as they are focusing on people paying for Next. But when that gets maxed out, maybe they’ll regret leaving those who no longer use it? It would be interesting to see if people are already using other products now and perhaps could share their experiences?

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The many things that you say are being worked on by the product team have been “being worked on” for over 2 ½ years in secrecy where your customers have not even been given the curtsy of any timelines.

Why would we even try Prezi Video when we cannot even fully use Prezi Next in the way that we need it to function? Prezi, you really blew it! Not only are we not using it any longer, but we are no longer promoting Prezi to all of our customers. One positive thing for us though is that you lack of your amazing features have pushed us to be more creative with PowerPoint and we have been able to develop new “effects and looks” in PowerPoint that has caught the eyes and minds of our customers that Prezi Next would never be able to do. . .

Apparently, your priority is all the new customers who do not realize all that they have lost with the lack of your Classic features and that is your decision as a company, but don’t count on getting back all of us who have left and took all of our customers with us due to your neglect of your loyal customers who are tired of paying for Classic which has been tabled and not being able to use Next due to its lack of the basic features that got us to love Prezi in the first place. . . :frowning:

I appreciate your reply. Any chance there are topics/ideas in this forum that could be changed from “not planned” to “under discussion” or “under discussion” to “planned” etc? I always try to pay attention to those tags in the hopes that the number of requests have tipped the scales. It’s tough to see some things launched before others, no doubt, but I remain a pretty happy user for the time being, with just a handful of requests still out there in “maybe” land. Please do keep the forum updated as things move forward & thanks for the continued efforts!


Hi there,
Thanks so much for raising awareness of these tags: I must say I read this forum for some time now, but I was not aware of those. We have decided to update the tags, as these 3 stages are not really representing well our processes. Expect some new tags, and some updates on some of the discussions.


Hey, no problem & that’s great news, much appreciated @Zsuzsa :smile:

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Hello everyone, for a better understanding of the status of the feature requests in the forum, we have updated our tag system. You can check more details in this post.

I would also invite you to browse through the forum as we have updated some of these requests :slight_smile:

If you have any additional feedback, please, let us know!

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