Next slide visible in the sidebar

I use Prezi video with Zoom trainings, a lot. I have a few rather complex curriculum programs, I love how the Video app now shows the slides on the right hand side… HOWEVER, it is frustrating to me that I can not see the upcoming slide until AFTER I hit the advance arrow. I would like to see the blue box that goes around the ‘current’ slide stay in the middle of the column, so that I can see the next slide or two. (as well as the previous one or two) Is it possible to lock that “current” slide indicator in a place other than the bottom of the column?

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Hi @Scott_Fearing, thanks for the useful feedback, I’ll make sure it gets to the product team.

Right now if you turn on the Presenter Notes feature from the view menu it will show the upcoming slide, so it could be a good workaround for the use case you’ve described.